Pass Gallstones- Learn How To Naturally Pass Gallstones And Avoid Gallbladder Surgery

If you are scheduled for gallbladder surgery, you might want to postpone surgery until you try the gallbladder natural remedy that involves flushing your gallbladder and liver.

The gallbladder surgery is not a problem any more and it is one of the most common procedures made in the US. It is usually made with the help of the laparoscope and that is why its name is laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Antioxidants mop these up like a sponge, and are some of the healthiest types of molecules that we can consume. The silymarin group of flavonoids are particularly attracted to the liver where they act as antihepatoxic agents that prevent the liver from becoming poisoned. But why should the liver be poisoned I can hear you ask, and what are the poisons involved? Can we avoid them? It is a very relevant question, and one that will make you wonder, every time you leave your home, especially if you live in a big city or an industrialized area.

Our company has 22 years of natural health expertise and we know that treating gallstones naturally must use various angles. Our holistic treatment uses gallstones prevention tips, nutritional therapy, a liver and gallbladder flush, vitamins, supplements and herbs to attack gallstones, also called cholelithiasis.

The fee of this method of operation is much cheaper than the more complex one. You still need general anesthesia for this, but you'll be released within a day if all goes good. You'll feel pain after the operation, but you don't need to worry. The doctor will give you medication for the pain, mostly through an injection, to relieve you from all discomfort felt. Another common complaint after such a procedure is nausea.

Gallstones are calculus formed in the gallbladder or its ducts. There are several varieties of gallstones. They also appear in different color and have cholesterol crystals attached to them. Even though many of them cannot be detected, they are still capable of blocking the small tubes in the liver.

Gall bladder diseases are caused by the gallstones that form from bile salts and cholesterol in the gallbladder or in the bile ducts. There is hard to say why some people produce gallstones and others don't, gallstones block the bile ducts producing jaundice, sharp abdominal pain, vomiting, indigestion and fever. Gallstones are diagnosed with ultrasounds, but a treatment must be adopted because they do not go away on their own, the most safer and adequated procedure is the surgical remove of the gall bladder.

Kidney stones may be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a pearl. Some stones are as big as golf balls! Stones may be smooth or jagged. They are usually yellow or brown. About 90% of stones that are 4 mm or less in size usually pass spontaneously, however 9% of stones are larger than 6 mm. (By the way gallstones and kidney stones are not related with each other. They form in different parts of the body. Someone with a gallstone is not necessarily more likely to develop kidney stones.)